You don't have to be fearless, to be unafraid to fight for the pregnancy you deserve.

In two-weeks you'll learn valuable information about pregnancy and acquire tools and resources to help you eliminate and manage common pregnancy fears. I want you to understand that you don't have to allow your fears to control your pregnancy experience.
I challenge you to turn your fears into confidence

What is included?

  • 2 weeks of dripped lessons

    I'll guide you through fourteen days of lessons about pregnancy and fear management.

  • Access to a closed FB group

    A community of pregnant women and moms for support and exchange of ideas.

  • Homework

    Viewing and reading content is OK but real change comes with action.

  • 9 month access to challenge

    You'll have everything you need after 14-days but you'll get access for nine (9) months.

This challenge is for you if:

  • You are a first time mom-to-be and have no idea what to expect

  • You have pregnancy fears you want help addressing

  • You're pregnant and need assistance planning

  • You feel unorganized and overwhelmed

  • You've experienced pregnancy loss and fear another

  • You want to be guided by a mom who understands your challenges

Pregnant & Unafraid Challenge Schedule:

  • Day 1

    Why you should address your pregnancy fears now

  • Day 2

    Identifying pregnancy fears

  • Day 3

    Analyzing pregnancy fears

  • Day 4

    The real and perceived value of statistics

  • Day 5

    Addressing the illusion of control

  • Day 6

    Confronting specific pregnancy fears

  • Day 7

    Conquering fears with the power of presence

  • Day 8

    Managing information consumption

  • Day 9

    Creating a pregnancy action plan

  • Day 10

    Mental awareness

  • Day 11

    Physical awareness

  • Day 12

    Managing fears that linger

  • Day 13

    Knowing your worth + confidence

  • Day 14

    Beginning and ending with gratitude + what's next?

Your instructor: I'm Tiffany

I'm the creator and instructor of this Pregnant & Unafraid Challenge. I'm a mom to a baby girl that I birthed without pain medication or medical intervention, a miscarriage survivor, and an advocate for empowering women through pregnancy and family life. I have a bachelor of science in biology (chemistry minor), a bachelor of arts in psychology, and a masters in family life and youth development. Before I became a blogger and course creator, I was a full-time newborn screening chemist with doula training (not certified). My purpose in life is to serve families and I believe I can do that best by educating and empowering the heroes of most families - the mothers!
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Ready for a pregnancy course that challenges you to address your fears, get educated, and enjoy pregnancy?

This is it!

You will finish this challenge with a new perspective on pregnancy.

How you feel about your pregnancy and your birth matters. Just know that you are a woman and that means you are uniquely qualified to handle every challenge presented to you with dignity and grace!
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