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    An Overview of the Pregnant & Organized Resource Library

    • How to access resources
    • Disclosures & Disclaimers
    • Copyrights
  • 2

    Pregnancy Checklists

    • Prenatal Appointment Checklist
    • Pregnancy Checklist: 23 Things To Get Done After a Positive Pregnancy Test
    • Doula Interest Worksheet
  • 3

    Pregnancy Templates (Fill-In)

    • 42-Week Pregnancy Countdown (1 Page)
    • Prenatal Care Provider Checklist ( Template, 1 Page)
    • Prenatal Care Appointment Tracker (Template, 1 Page)
    • Trimester To-Do Lists (Template, 3 Pages)
    • Pregnancy Notes by Month (Templates, 3 Pages)
    • Pregnancy Weight Tracker (Template, 1 Page)
  • 4

    Pregnancy Downloads

    • Pregnancy Books to Read (Template, 1 Page)
    • Prenatal Course Interest (Template, 1 Page)
    • Provider and Insurance Questionnaire (Templates, 2 Pages)
  • 5

    Baby Ready Checklists + Templates

    • Baby Ready Checklist
    • Baby Registry Checklist (Template, 2 Pages)
    • Baby Name Ideas (Template, 1 Page)
    • Baby Nursery Checklist (Template, 1 Page)
  • 6

    Pregnancy Printable Stacks (Stacked Templates)

    • Deluxe-Pregnancy-Organization-Binder-Pink
  • 7

    Finance Templates (Budget & Save)

    • Baby Spending Log (Template, 3 Pages)
    • Pregnancy Savings Planner (40-Week Template)
    • Maternity Spending Log (Template, 1 Page)
    • Childcare Comparison Chart (Template, 1 Page)
  • 8

    Time Management Templates

    • Blank Printable Calendar (Fill-In Any Year)
    • Weekly Planner Template
  • 9

    Feedback + Requests

    • Survey
  • 10

    The Pregnancy Challenge

    • Pregnant & Unafraid: The 14-Day Challenge

Organization is an acquired skill that takes practice.

Printables, spreadsheets, and templates are the tools you can use to make your practice less overwhelming.

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