Dear First-Time Mom, does any of the following sound familiar to you?

1. You are excited about your pregnancy.

Congrats!! Pregnancy and motherhood is the best thing that happened to me and all the people who told me my [fun] life was over was absolutely wrong. So if you are hearing that right now, ignore the naysayers. Motherhood is an opportunity.

2. Your excitement about your pregnancy is sometimes overshadowed by feelings of overwhelm.

Your to-do list just keeps growing and you are trying to figure how you are going to get it all done before your baby arrives. Yep. I have been there.

3. You've been scrolling on Google and Pinterest trying to get all the information and advice that you can.

You want to be prepared for what is to come and you just keep finding yourself in an abyss of pregnancy-related articles trying to figure out what to do next. 

4. You're unsure about planning during pregnancy and preparing for birth.

None of us are born moms and the large majority of us are figuring things out as we go along. Don't worry! You don't need to have all the answers right now. 

Not long ago, I was right where you are...

I remember like it was yesterday staring at my positive pregnancy tests (I took more than one) wondering...what should I do first.

I had the traditional education...

-Make an appointment with a prenatal care provider.

-Show up to your appointments.

-Start taking a prenatal vitamin.

-Skip the deli meat. 

Everyone had instructions for me but no one was telling me why I should be doing #allthethings or encouraging me to relax.

Now that I'm on the other side of two pregnancies...

I know exactly what I'd do differently!

1. I'd focus on my mental health as much as I did my physical health.

2. I'd make the quality of information and not the quantity of information my focus.

3. I'd invest in meaningful wellness practices. 

And... these are the things I help you do in this boot camp.

Take a moment to imagine this...

  • You are relaxed as you move towards your birth.

  • You understand why you are taking specific actions and not just blindly following trends.

  • You have the information you need to promote wellness (mind & body) on your journey.

It's possible!

Here's how The Pregnancy Boot Camp works...

  • Focus on the map

    The Pregnancy Roadmap is an outline for this program. We take each step and break it down. So...get ready to drop and give me 21!

  • Accountability

    Live sessions via Zoom are happening. Why? How many courses have you taken and not finished? I don't want this to be one of them. Get support and accountability. Plus it's less boring!

  • Support

    Meet other mamas who want to connect and learn. You need to know that you aren't on this journey alone. Join us?

What are we going over?

The Pregnancy Roadmap - We're breaking it down Barney style!

This is basically the schedule of steps but in the boot camp, you get in-depth explanations and support to get #allthethings done!

Who is the Sergeant of this Boot Camp?

I'm Tiffany!

I'm your teacher and cheerleader. I'm a mom to a baby girl that I birthed without pain medication or medical intervention, a miscarriage survivor, and an advocate for empowering women through pregnancy and family life. I have a bachelor of science in biology (chemistry minor), a bachelor of arts in psychology, and a masters in family life and youth development. Before I became an entrepreneur and course creator, I was a full-time newborn screening chemist with doula training (not certified). I believe in educating and empowering the heroes of most families - the mothers!


  • Do you offer refunds?

    No. I do not offer refunds for this digital product.

  • What format is the content delivered in?

    The content in the program is video (slides over audio of me speaking). I also provide worksheets and downloads to support your learning. You will also get invited to participate in live video sessions.

  • When does the challenge begin.

    The challenge start dates are always announced. Be sure to get on the mailing list to join the next challenge.